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Critical Info

The most important info, provided instantly.

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Durable, laminated product which will last.

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Just a code, yet so much more than that.

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Be safe and live without fear, live free.

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We Pray That You Never Get Into An Accident, But If You Do CrisisCode Will Help

CrisisCode will provide the most critical medical information to first responders quickly, to make a positive impact on a life or death situation.

Critical Information

In case of emergency, get the correct help

The most important information - your blood group is immediately visible. More detailed information will be accessible via QR code which can be scanned by most modern smartphones.

Always There For You

Even in a tough situation, our product will remain

Our sticker is made with a special lamination process on a very high quality, stretchable material which ensures that it stays on no matter how extreme the accident is.

Simple, Yet Effective

This is not just a simple sticker, but much more

Our product will provide the most crucial medical information in the most detailed manner so that when it's a matter of life and death, life wins.

Get Peace of Mind

Living free is simple: it's a state of mind

With CrisisCode, you get peace of mind and can truly be free. After all, how can you explore the unknown without first setting your mind free!

Road Death in 2017
Deaths Avoidable
Road Deaths Are Avoidable

But Only If The First Medical Information Is Made Available & Very Quickly

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Our mission is simple: we want to make people
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Sameer GoelPune

By far the best emergency medical information product on the market. They truly understood the needs of a biker like me and nailed the product! I would highly recommend CrisisCode, you simply just won't find any better solution!

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Aradhya GuptaBhubaneshwar

It was really awesome to finally find a product which fit my safety needs. The CrisisCode team is also awesome and were all helpful in answering my questions related to the product and how it works via WhatsApp which made me feel completely at ease. The sticker looks better on my scooty then I could have ever envisioned!

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Pawan PandeyGurgaon

I'm wondering why I never contacted these guys sooner! Seriously, this product should be used by everyone on the road for their safety who uses any type of vehicle. They have literally knocked the concept out of the ballpark and now I feel super safe whenever I'm out on long drives on hilly areas and I truly feel free. Thank you CrisisCode team, this is all I wanted!

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Pankaj ChoudharyHyderabad

CrisisCode is by far the best road safety and emergency assistance product on the market. I literally could not be happier that I chose to buy their product! The product might seem simple, but it truly provides a piece of mind so that whenever I'm riding, I can truly be free and not worry about what will happen if I get into an accident because I know that CrisisCode is there and they will relay the most important info in case something bad happens.

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Astha NigamMumbai

I was searching for a solution to put my son's medical and emergency contact information on his bike because god forbid if he ever gets into an accident, then he should be able to get the help he needs. I can't even imagine what I would do without him! So when I came across CrisisCode and I immediately bought this product for my son and we put it on his bike. Now, I feel much better!

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